Medium Moving Boxes

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Medium Moving Boxes

Medium moving boxes (4 cubic feet) are very versatile moving boxes. Ideal for packing a wide variety of household goods; children’s toys, stuffed animals, pot & pans, light kitchen items, stereo equipment, computers, blankets. Items in dresser drawers will fit nicely in this moving box.

Medium Moving Box Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 21″

Packing Tips:

  • Load heavy items in small moving boxes / light bulky items in large moving boxes
  • Try not to over pack boxes. Limit the overall weight of a packed box to one that you can lift comfortably and safely without straining.
  • Fill empty spaces with
    bubble wrap or loose packing paper.
  • Don't forget packing tape! Be generous when taping your boxes. Triple tape the bottom for added strength.


  • 100% Recyclable, Compostable & Biodegradable!
  • Constructed with a minimum of 75% recycled content
  • Durable & Reusable for many years to come!
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